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Today I am writing this to tell everyone that I have dispointed that I am sorry... so sorry for the mistakes that I've made back in discord madness community. For the promises that i didn't fulfill due to problem of myself getting little addicted for collabs until I know why I can understand it can go downfall for that (such as Hungry War Collab I was before). For the leaked back on Kryy's post I knew I am fucked and doomed to get ban till month later after wank 0 is released I got over react and going tantrum, even Zap blocked me too which I tried to resist the hate message against him. He's a cool dude but I don't want to push it way too far and I understand if you hate me back in discord community (Like Extile,AnimatorChatBase and CRM) and for that I don't blame you I mean I really don't. I do deserve everything that has happened to me through out of pass couple of mouth, almost an year exactly. And I do agree with everything that have been said about me based on DM,My fetish, and my dumb action. I was a horrible person that I said Moxo "to go and die", I feel very regret saying that to him knowing his depression kept on happening over and over until he found his Girlfriend (which you all may know by now). But it gets worst, as a horrible friend I became idiot white knight who stick around with Nail (Which is turned out to be a trapped underage back in he is 16 but now he is 17 years old) and a horrible community participant I did is cringes and memes, that went little bit much too far off. I feel ashamed about everything that I did in the past and everything that I caused so much damaged that it cannot be undone. I messed up very badly and that is the result of me getting banned much later on. I should known better then and I should learn from my mistakes from the past. I understand if you lost your trust in me and I don't blame you for that but i just hope one day that you would understand that. I am a human being I have real life issue going on, my mother fell ill for about two weeks and she is ongoing recovering slowly but surely. And I make mistakes just like everybody else through out of past drama event going on. I am not trying to find excuses because I don't have any salutation. But I just hope one day that you would believe that I am trying to become a better person in the future. I really do I mean it and i hope that you would understand that it's not as easy as it seems after seeing my past event. it really isn't gonna happen again. I know that this is my responsibility to take care of myself and nobody should be blamed other than me. but I am just hoping this chaos is over by now. That you could maybe someday forgive me for what I did back in discord and my own actions. And I understand if you don't want to help me that is fine but at the same time I do needed some help. that you wouldn't try to further destroy me after I admitted it and gave up not just beating on dead horse over and over again. I am not happy with that event months ago for what happened. I am trying to become a better person and I will do everything possible to make a right choice but please don't expect this to be an easy task and I sadly can't guarantee for that I won't make further mistakes not so ever. I will now disappeared from the internet again for a time being I was just hoping that I could give some clarity on some stuff before I am gone. On one last final note,"Think before you do something other wise the moment you post or made something without thinking you could get backlash and you'll learn from the mistake". Anyways I will leave you to comment on me for your own thoughts but until then, peace.



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