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Status: Currently looking for therapy, please do not harass or it will get more worse and go out of control just like Cethic and Fleetwire getting their treatment but for me I am on a ticking time bomb and I am running out of time before I am gone too far


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The truth

Posted by Bantuatha - October 26th, 2020

If you are reading this you should feel angry or whatever you want to think about it. Believe it or not this is ALL TRUE

the truth is on mid March 2019 I was in voice chat with him I was unfortunate being horny and forced him to well...coom, but now I realized he's underage and my voice are still too young they he thinks I'm a teenage alike. I've tricked him by either mistake or accident

August 2019 the one you record it was my dumb RPing as Pedo with 19 year old girl, and after the leak I almost lose control

Finally I've stopped all posting online at the end of 2019 to fix up myself, but I still RP who is adult person the friend of mine I met since 2014, I never speak or anyone else who is current underage until 18 and now here I am in 2020, still quiet still RPing with just one person and focus on my animation project from last year too.

I have admitted it and I can not take reason why I don't like pedo even myself too.

As for now I can't hide lies anymore thanks to Jackson who still anger towards me and threaten to take action on me so this is the truth

2020 can't be gone worst....pff it is getting worst I would rather have been executed by Monokuma right about now

Last bit of note I hated this year I was planning to go to collage but this virus ruined me so there you have it

Trust no one not even yourself- Bantuatha



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More like an fallen coomer


You knew his age, yet you still continued.

bruh momeento numbero dos


just shut the fuck up already

@noxioustech suck my cock

@NoxiousTech that's a bit of a yikes bro
he was already given many chances, many people don't know but trust me, we given him more than anyone could ask for
don't try to defend him, he only made this post because he was found out, not because he actually felt bad, he just wanted to make this post to make himself look sorry.
when in reality he's just shitting himself, he lied in the post too, he knew the person's age and bant never told him their age

@NoxiousTech suck my cock

I have a few questions for you. Are you a faggot or a pedophile?

at least your fixed yourself up

Get off the internet you absolute p3dophile. You still made moves on those underaged people. You f*cking sicko, you absolute sack of sh*t. Everyone knows what you did, you can't change your reputation now dude. Stop inappropriately role-playing with minors and get some help.

@Ultra-Lyla jesus christ no need to be that hard bro he has already apologized i guess

mans downbad


Stop the cap my guy

you deserve every bad thing that ever comes to you.

when pedo

I made an account to tell you to go fuck youself, I genuinely fucking hope you reflect on what you have done and decide to get it through your head. It being a bullet

That's a death threat to me, let me guess from the fucking iceberg you just watched? How about you get get karma yourself.

@Zaderlon he is a pedophile

@Zaderlon he is a pedophile

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